Do you think there may be a link between having siblings and a competitive edge?

been having an ongoing jazz debate with one of my ATD’s about this for a while.

my friend is an only child and freely admits to not being particularly competitive.

whereas me, having a brother a couple years older than me am incredibly competitive and always up for a challenge.

as kids, everything was a challenge - how far can you chuck a mud bomb, how many bunny hops on your bmx can you do, arm wrestling, how long can you hold your breath, who has the longest chip on their plate, how many bits of gyprock can you kick through at the same time, guess the next advert the quickest…and so on. every minute of my childhood was a constant battle with my brother, and this competitive nature has followed me into adulthood, for sure.

was at the beach with my friend recently and we were chucking a tennis ball in the sea. the chucking quickly evolved into a full on game of catch, with scores being counted. one point for right hand catch, two for a lefty, bonus point for spectacular diving catch. all great fun!

we also had a few swimming challenges, back stroke, underwater nonsense. must’ve looked like a right couple of cunts! we definitely did, in fact. my friend thought it was very funny that I was setting all these challenges, but seemed to embrace the battles and appeared to really be having a great time.

anyway, back on topic, I have no evidence to back up this wild theory, but Imo, I think you’re far more likely to have a competitive streak if you’ve grown up with a similar aged sibling, as opposed to being an only child.

what do you think dudes?

I have three siblings and I wouldn’t say I’m especially competitive really. I definitely think there’s something in this though.

Me: only child, ultra competitive. Soz.

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Just Google it, “dude”

just chucking something out, ya sniffy prick


i’m the oldest and not at all competitive. maybe that’s because i was always the best at everything without trying when growing up? idk

My siblings are both much older than me but I’m super competitive. We didn’t really grow up together as they were both at uni when I was in early primary school but they were both high achievers and I heard about their achievements all the time from my parents and teachers so I guess I felt the need to live up to that. Used to hate playing games with them when I was a kid because I’d always lose.

Woah, okay…

As a genuine answer…I think there could be a link, but I think it’s just generally reflected in the nature of relationships growing up (i.e. some only children may have had highlight competitive friendships).

I’m an only child and not particularly competitive. Think that may be more down to being a lazy fucker, though.

I would say the opposite. I have three sisters and I think it has made me slightly more generous and willing to be content with slightly less.

Another competitive only child here.

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answer is “it depends”

Me - have a big sister, I never felt any reason to compete with her and I am not a competitive adult at all

My ex GF - middle child with an elder and younger brother. Incredibly competitive, and particularly keen to be “as good as the boys” in sport

My kids - eldest is a girl, 2nd eldest works very hard academically and I think a lot of her drive is based on a desire to match her big sister, The youngest is a boy and seems pretty uncompetative

Dunno. I know quite a few only-children who end up being competitive with one of their parents in lieu of a sibling, and that can be even worse.

the tennis ball thing sounds fun.

I’m the middle child (3 brothers), now none of us give a fuck about anything remotely competitive. there was a bit when we were young. or playing TimeSplitters.

In general I find it an off-putting quality.

Dunno really, think if you’ve got enough of an age gap it won’t figure into it, but if you grow up together can imagine there being a subconscious competition for approval etc
My sister’s ten years older than me and there’s barely anything we have in common to even compete with

I’m very competitive in trivial ways (board games, small competitions) and I think it’s due to having an older brother who did every life event before me and is pretty perfect at everything too. Think I ended up being really competitive to compensate.

I don’t think my siblings or myself are particularly competitive. @he_2 may disagree though.

Nope, agreed.

I find competitiveness very draining and tiring. If someone’s better than me at something, good for them.

think I’m much more needy than competitive, just want my worth validated at least a couple of times every day.