Do you think there will be another Elfstendentocht in our lifetime?

Would absolute head over to watch tbh

People talk about it every year, would absolutely love it if it did.

Didn’t even come close this year though #globalwarming

I, for one, do not.

The world was a different place in 1997 when the last one happened, I think the Netherlands would collectively shit itself with excitement if one happened now

What about a Preston Guild?

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I remember the 1985 and 1986 races and the country came to a complete standstill. Non-stop TV coverage. Nothing else mattered.


Over my dead body!


reading about the abandoned 2012 one, it’s enjoyably strange reading about a country making adjustments and bringing in restrictions in order to make the ground MORE icy


I’d love to see this.

Can’t imagine another outdoor Bonspiel will happen either but I’ll be hunting it down if it does.


Never forgive Stavoren