Do you think we need 'picnic' bars - when 'lion' bars also exist?

post can’t be empty why don’t you go fuck yourself

Yes, for raisins and peanuts. Idiot.


Why do you care about this when we live in a world with so many different types of Finish dishwasher tablets?

thank you for your question

i am currently eating a picnic bar and noticed the similarity

i’m afraid i don’t know enough about the variety of ‘finish’ dishwasher tablet to offer much of an opinion about that!
good luck with your research!


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they taste the same tho

so maybe you think we should get rid of ‘lion’ bars?


not really, when I don’t eat either of them

They don’t taste the same because one has raisins and peanuts and the other one doesn’t. If we had to get rid of one (which we don’t) I personally would choose to get rid of the Lion but my opinion on this doesn’t influence my central point in this thread.

well i think they DO taste the same

How do you feel about Finish’s marketing strategy?

Well there’s nothing I can do about that, just know that you’ve got some weird condition where you can’t detect raisins and peanuts

I like how clean the dishes look when they come out in their adverts, I don’t like how they have one version that is marketed as vastly superior to the other ones, it’s weird when companies do that.


I have the second best one at the moment.

How come?

don’t like either, they always taste a bit stale.Like toffee crisps.

A real lion would deffo choose a boost over those


I noticed they’ve added another two ladies to the roster of Oral B pro expert advert ladies, any thoughts?

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Lion bars seem a bit up themselves.