Do you think Will Smith would like you?

Not on the holiday. Whatever arrangements you make thereafter are between you and Big Willy.

We’d get along for however long he’s willing to spend his holiday recreating classic scenes from the Fresh Prince

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Dunno. he’s been famous for so long that he would probably be into really weird stuff.
Like overly healthy food such as seeds shit from a tiger and mad into blood transfusion yoga or something. I would struggle to hide my scorn for this kind of thing and I think that would place tension on our relationship

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Please regard this :fu:

I think we could have a pleasant, if slightly stilted meal together, but beyond that we would both find the situation quite uncomfortable and would spend most of our holiday in silence or trying to pursue our own interests.

Just like me and maaaaah wiiiiiiiifeeeee

In the fresh prince days I reckon he would have been a bit over the top but still likeable but after that no, of course he wud want to be friends with RonyD he would probably be pestering me all the time to do a sit com with him.

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I think he’d always be ON and I’d never be on. I’d appreciate the effort though.

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My mate once claimed to have seen Will Smith coming out of the Spar in Carnoustie and I’ve still never been able to work out if he was lying or not.


He’s quite into the old scientology isn’t he.

edit: the first CD I ever bough was Big Willy Style. I have no regrets!

That would be a real bonus. A couple of weeks to get your thetans in order.

i think i’d eventually annoy him by constantly asking “will smith take another cup of tea?”

“will smith be coming to the beach later?”


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got in one little fight and David Miscavige got scared
said you’re moving with the church’s most dedicated members to Sea Org

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i mean if he searches my DiS post history now, our friendship is an absolute write off

I would make sure we holiday in Miami. So we could sing going to Miami together

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Miami is far from intimate. I’m thinking the Maldives or something. Very small island. You have your own bungalow/hut with own little pool and hot tub and a pier. You spend your days playing frisbee on the beach or going fishing, snorkeling, maybe a game or two of gin rummy at lunch. You eat dinner next to a small fire on the beach enjoying a whisky and sharing stories. Then some fire poi before an early night so you rise early and enjoy it all again the next day.

Are you kidding me Miami party in the city where the heat is on all night to the break of dawn? Y’all feel me?

I’d go Anglesey with him, or Lundy, but nowhere hot, the heat makes me short tempered and I wouldn’t do myself proud.

Miami with ladies half dressed and fully equipped screamin ‘RonyD we love your last song’