Do you think you could die of tiredness?


like two weeks awake or something?


Me personally? Think I’d probably lack the willpower to not have a nap.

Definitely think sleep deprivation could cause death though


not in itself. you might like crash your car and die or something but sleep deprivation on its own would never kill you.

I’d add some citations but I’m too tired. just trust me, I think I saw a programme on it once.


Prove it dickwad!


This is absolutely terrifying:


They did a TV doc where they kept people awake for days, and they basically all lost the plot, they just had to stop and let them sleep.


what if some guys just kept waking you up with a xylophone?


definitely think i could end up very seriously ill and in hospital. i’m generally sleep deprived but if i get very little sleep i’m significantly more ill. probably excluded from this as my body is self-destructive :thumbsup:


Think I’d eventually find it quite soothing maybe?




scientists reckon it can if you’re immunodeficient


Maybe I was thinking of this:


did you mean this, h_y_g?

or are you talking about something else?


they did that experiment to a bunch of soldiers, managed to figure out exactly what chemicals and whatever they needed that they would have got from sleeping and just gave them pills and injections instead of actual sleep. they made it about a month or something iirc totally fine then just dropped dead


u ok theo?


ah! you just beat me to it!


soothing as fuck, aye


we’re due a revival of televised endurance challenges, surely.


touch the truck


Yeah, I don’t like that much in fairness Silkz