Do you think you could eat quite well for say a tenner a week?



I sometimes like to remind myself that I’m a privileged fuck with nothing really to worry about, so I do a £10 per week food challenge.

it’s not actually much of a challenge, to be honest. it’s fucking easy.

this is assuming you have the basics in the house - spices, herbs, sauces, pickles etc

did a veg curry the other week. net cost - £2.24. lasted for 3 solid meals. EASY. fucking decent cuzza too

fucking EASY


Piece of piss, I eat at work. I’ll splurge the tenner on a takeaway one night.


So let’s say you eat 3 meals a day (no snacking)

So that 3 meals x 7 days

21 meals

It cost you £2.24 for 3 meals

This isnt going to go well


you’ve not thought this through, bud. quite happy to have beans on toast a couple days. that’s about 40p, all in


So loaf of bread and 2 tins of beans…40p?

so thats five of your 21 meals sorted


Can be done. Pasta/rice + veg (cheap stuff like onions) + cans of chopped tomatoes etc. If you play it right with the reduced section of your supermarket that could make things less boring.

Think I spent most of a month when I was 19 eating plain pasta with ketchup… it was a bad time. Still, cost less than a tenner a week!


yep, pretty easy. Especially if you don’t eat meat (how can you meat-eating twats afford to eat meat???)


“eat quite well”

so pasta and onions for breakfast?

I get ya


Probably. Wouldn’t want to though


I don’t know what low income families are fussed about tbh. They can be feasting daily.


Absolutely not. Good food costs good money.


@PocketMouse to thread


No I do not.

I could live but I couldn’t eat ‘well’.


Done it quite a lot over the years

Fucking bleak though, man. As I always say, its not the immediate grimness that’s the killer, its the fact you don’t see an escape until you’re dead that erodes your spirit.


5x 30p Bars of Chocolaate
5x 30p Tins Of Beans
2x Loafs of £1.00 bread (none of that cheap shite)
1x Box of cheap cornflakes
1x bottle of milk

Still got change to spare to treat myself to something GOODD!


Yep. I remember having another wafer-thin-ham sandwich (discount section) for lunch, after god knows how many of the same thing, and feeling the void hanging over me utterly.


Also find the idea of living on the budget of someone in poverty for a bit as a fun challenge a bit problematic.


No he gives the cash he doesn’t use to charity!


Doesn’t this defeat the point? If someone’s only got £10 a week to spend on food they’re unlikely to have a fully stocked larder with ketchup, brown sauce, mayo, mustard, cumin, paprika, dried oregano, branston, gherkins and so on. Buying a pot of spices is the best part of a tenth of your weekly food budget.

Maybe I’ve missed something.


This was always the complaint people brought up with Jack Monroe’s recipes.