Do you think you could identify your specific household objects out of a lineup?

Like a criminal lineup of fridges or something and they’ve got a few in there that are the same make and model as yours (or similar)

How confident would you be to pick out your specific one?

See you tomorrow, guys.


Well the dent in our fridge door where it hits the door handle of the door to the kitchen?

Am I allowed to open each fridge to check the contents?

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am i allowed to see the food inside

Yes and no, for some things yes, for others…no


No, I’m afraid not.

(This can be for any household object btw, not just fridges)


95% of your objects or a 95% probability that you’d pick the right fridge?

Well, depends on the object then doesn’t it. Couldn’t with our fridge, but probably could with my piano or guitars.

How about your bed?

95% probability. initially wrote 100% but thought woah there, nelly.

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Do the fridges still have their fridge magnets on the outside?

OBVIOUSLY not marckee. ffs.

No. They don’t (you can imagine that they’ve had their belongings taken away from them as part of the incarceration or something if you really want to commit to whatever this is)

They don’t make suspect in a police line up strip naked, so why are you putting the fridges through this?

Magnets aren’t clothes


What did you mean by this Theo?

Annoyingly, the only slight ‘grr’ for our new kitchen is the builders put the fridge closer to the wall than it was, but basically the kitchen door lies against the same wall the fridge door opens onto, so the door to the fridge has gained a small dent from the handle of the kitchen door banging into it.