Do you think you own 500,000 of anything?

This is a thread to speculate about whether or not you think you own five hundred thousand of anything. People are allowed to say stuff like “yeah, I’ve got way more than 500,000 cells in my body” if they want but they should know that it won’t be a well respected post if they do say it.

Maybe you’ve got a jar of sand or something like that instead.



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never mind then

Blades of grass

Bits of carpet

This is the best of a bad bunch so far. Thank you.

pairs of sneakers

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biscuit crumbs


That’s one million individual sneakers!

shrewbie why would you lie to us

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came here to post this


Where do you keep them?

Kirby grips, probably.

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words in all the comics I own maybe

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Nobody owns words

Alright Orwell

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scattered to the 4 winds

I fucking do.