Do you think you'll ever touch a Bunsen Burner again?

  • Yes, as I am a teacher/science guy/bunsen enthusiast
  • No, I doubt I will ever touch a bunsen burner again in my whole life

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I don’t think I will and I am not happy about it


Yes but probably in some hipster café for some reason.


I frequently get opportunities to touch them at school open evenings and the like. Sure I’ll get to touch another one at some point

Yeah to pointlessly warm up a cocktail or a bowl of cereal


Reach out and touch flame.

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I hope I do, but it’s doubtful.

Slightly related but my grill is broken and chances of my landlady fixing it are very slim. Will one of those mad flame things that TV chefs use do the job for cheese on toast, which is really all I use it for?

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Thank you to both ‘yes’ voters for giving their reasons why within the thread.

Do you think you’ll ever ‘hula hoop’ again?

  • Yes
  • No

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  • Yellow Flame
  • Blue Flame
  • You know, I like(d) them both equally

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I can only hope so

Yellow flame for passing your hand through


Bunsen was said to be able to lift hot objects from the crucible above his burner with his bare hands, such was the thickness of his skin. He was also a great laugh apparently, and after he died one of his mates compiled a book of anecdotes about him. GBO Historical L

sure it will

I’ve seen street food places use them to melt cheese on top of mac and cheese and stuff like that

Hmm, this is an exciting prospect as long as replacing the gas or whatever you have to do doesn’t mean I use it once then never again.

Not unless you’re referring to a nice little earner

I cant imagine the anecdotes (and I am not going to buy the book) probably leaving the gas taps on and other such shizzle!

I feel like I’ll touch one at some point but I don’t think it’ll be hooked up to gas.

I went to peterborough overnight last year on the way to a party in London and ate breakfast in a cafe, the chef carried over our plates in his bare hands and casually waited for the waitress to set the table before putting them down.

Every day at cafes around the country waiters are telling customers to be careful because the plates are hot, people are (obviously) touching those plates and scoffing at how tepid they are.

But fuck me if these weren’t the hottest plates I’ve ever experienced in my life. No less hot than the pan the food was cooked in, the egg was still cooking on the plate.

I must have told everyone at that party about that man’s hands and here I am telling you


No, but i say the phrase ‘bunsen burner…nice little earner’ 2-3 times a week.