Do you think you'll have a midlife crisis?


Perhaps you’re already in one!

Assuming you’re not, or are in denial, how do you think it’ll likely manifest?


I’ll probably get botox or a nose job or something like that


dunno. Maybe having one now? What happens? Just ate a microwave curry at my desk


but not both? treat yo self!


I reckon I’ll hit my late 30s and start worrying about my health and flab. As a result, I’ll throw myself into a new physical hobby (maybe climbing, I dunno) and buy a bike that I’ll rarely use.


ploughing money into an expensive modular synth & enjoy cycling = mid life crisis ahoy


Well I’m now 32 and from the west coast of Scotland, so I can safely say that it passed without incident.


great answers so far guys


probably just eat a load of toblerones and drive to Dundee…in my slippers.


what happens to me. one side of family from Glasgow, other from Bournemouth…I’ll die average age?


As with epimer I’m from central Scotland and in my thirties so…

I’m about to sell my flat, leave my job and life of 15 years and go travelling round the world, so I think it’s quite safe to say I’m having one right now.


YoU’rE aLrEAdY dEaD!


Might buy some grimey records, like Stormy-P and Spekta.


I have life crises every two years or so they usually involve me become totally disillusioned with my life, jacking my job in and moving somewhere else.

My mid life crisis might be me settling down?!


I got my Ferrari-driving and teenage blonde banging out the way at Exeter uni.


having one already


…last week


I’ll bite the bullet and spend all my disposable income on Lego.


Yeah I guess teaching isn’t for me


My kind of crisis