Do you think you're better than average at cooking?

I think this is one of those things like driving where like 90% of people think they’re a better than average driver.

So: do you think you’re better than average at cooking?

  • Yes
  • No

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Immediate ban request for anyone quibbling about what average means, this is obviously a qualitative thing, you fucking nerd.

I don’t think I am. I’m good at that things that I cook, and I’m pretty good at following along with recipes because at the end of the day it’s mostly dead easy chemistry, isn’t it. But my knife skills are woeful and I’ve got a very limited repertoire.

Shit cook (can follow a recipe, but all “experiments” are awful)
Shit driver (bit stressy, overly cautious and easily distracted)
Great at sex

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Can follow instructions just fine and everything’s delicious yum yum. When it comes to being creative or having any instinct whatsoever, we’re fucked and it’s beans on toast tonight.

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Although I think that I’m a more skilled cook than my other half but she’d DEFINITELY disagree, so I’m waiting for another few months of lockdown before bringing it up.

That’s the thing though, it’s like being good at putting IKEA furniture together and calling yourself a carpenter

Never gonna win any prizes but I can make things that we both really like and adapt to making new things well, also know what might work and what won’t. Also make a mean pasty.

I think I’m a fucking excellent cook most of the time .

Dunno really, cooking instructions are by necessity a bit vague, so I think there’s definitely something in being able to heat things at appropriate times and temperatures, adjusting seasoning etc

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Think I’m quite a good driver from a safety perspective. Leave big gaps, stick to speed limits, stay aware of my surroundings etc.
Bad driver from a technical perspective. Garbage at reverse bay or parallel parking etc.

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I made a dreadful pasty the other week. Absolutely dreadful. Didn’t post about it on here because I thought it would upset you, it was that bad.

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The vague ones can go fuck themselves, I’m talking recipes good enough to be published in a peer reviewed journal

It would have pleased me

And when you get to step 7 it says “add the mixed blah with the boiled thingy” and at no point have you been told to boil anything or chop and mix anything, so it’s like ah fuck now that’s ten minutes while this other thing is still simmering and burning and oh god what


meat, soups, stews etc, I’m probably above average.

can’t bake or cook far eastern food to save my life.

I used to be loads better, I’ve somehow lost my skills entirely. Can follow a recipe but cant just whip things up like I used to. I’m also too impatient and like to start everything at once despite what recipe says so bits will be soggy or overdone and despite knowing this I cant stop doing it.

What was in it?

Always read the whole recipe before starting. Learned that one the hard way with “Add x to y and then immediately cover with a watch glass, as chlorine gas will rapidly be OH GOD” choking noises


no I fucking suck

Swede, sweet potato, carrots, onion, veg stock, misery, salt, pepper.