Do you think

There are more good, decent people in the world or bad?

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  • Baddies

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Please feel free to use this thread to ask questions and make polls.
I do enjoy a poll.

Probably more goodies.

The bad ones make more noise and mess stuff up and so get more of the attention.


think there’s very few of either tbh

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I think most people are #decent but our culture rewards things like selfishness, greed etc so it feels as though people like that have a bigger presence than they actually do

Basically what @BMS1 said!


Alright, Nietzsche

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This thread is for asking the BIG questions.

Not sure I should answer this question after 4 days in south west London

Loads of baddies who think they’re goodies

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people are mostly just cowards and thus facilitate the harm of others through fear. It’s up to you if you decide this makes them bad

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The world is 37% evil

Well that’s certainly no yolk!

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Citation needed

41% now. Hell in a hand cart