Do you use Discord?

and if so, what for?

There’s a couple of 'cords I’ve been using more regularly recently for general gaming and music nerdery and now it feels a bit like having msn messenger open all the time, feel like I need to have more stuff on there to make it worthwhile. Don’t really understand it but hey ho.

Oh yeah the DiS D’n’d lot use it I think.

Something about “DiScord”


Because I don’t really know what it is.

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Got drunk at new year and ended up chatting to my friends 15 year old kid about discord.

I don’t remember anything they told me. The end.


Stumbled on it during last year’s Wrestlemania for a discussion whilst watching but haven’t revisited it since…it’s true, oh it’s damn true.

use it for DiS film club so we can chat during the films, other than that, no


Yeah. It’s good.

I join some servers, then scroll about a bit, don’t really follow what they’re talking about, then forget about them until I have like 999+ notifications sat in my phone.

Think I currently have :

Limmy discord
No more jockeys
Profks mates
Something to do with zwift cycling

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I ignored you asking me if i use it in that thread earlier as i had no idea what it was. Still don’t. I’ll venture in i guess before the next film club but another place to chat feels like the opposite direction i want to be going in :see_no_evil:

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sounds exactly like what i’m after

thanks, harru


oh no way, gonna join that

irc with gifs.

I’m wearing cords today, and posting on DiS. Serendipity!

The only ‘‘severs’’ I need are the ones that are hired to send beer



is this about @Severed799 ??


we used to just have a PM group on here, but a couple of people left DiS and wanted to continue film clubbing so we had to migrate off the board. i’m sure it is able to do lots of clever things but we just use it like msn messenger or whatever

did worry i phrased that earlier post badly and you thought i was telling you off for chatting in that thread!

purely in a professional sense

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Don’t understand it

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perhaps we could have a DiS Discord with a #cords chat

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