Do you use Discord?

Don’t think I’ve ever sent or served you a beer, should fix that (before I, kind of, get out the game in a week or so)

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A bit, yes

Everyone hates group chats so why would you willingly add more to your life?

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We have one.

I’m in a few but it makes me feel old because I mostly view/use it as an IRC room kind of thing and it can do so many more things that I’m barely aware of. Like I joined one for some electric wizards coaching sessions and it had all these cool automated room joining things that funneled you into appropriate places and built in voice and built in streaming and separate rooms for each of these things and… wizardry.

I’m in a few. Mainly for mates who do streaming stuff. Also use it for voice chat when gaming.

It’s good IMO.

Dis film club and also when there’s a paid kpop stream i cant afford, theres a couple of discords i join for stable links

Yeah. Joined a server for a twitch channel I follow, one for a Cities Skylines YouTuber, and one for local people with social anxiety (I’ve never been to a meet up).

I find the chatty ones really hard to keep up with tbh.

I’m in a couple of Slack groups. Discord’s the coolkid version of that, right?

Anyone still posting on any phpBB or vBulletin boards?

i use whatever this one is

Absolutely loathe it. Dreadful platform, completely unintuitive, disgustingly ugly. You can tell it was made by gamers


Yes. I use it for my friends’ D&D and Sea of Thieves voice chat and shitposting and also for a different set of friends’ Final Fantasy 14 Free Company chat and more shitposting.

It’s a fucking dreadful platform and I hate it. Some of the most incredibly badly designed UI ever.

Yeah, I have an account - I think I joined a DiS Switch one ages ago maybe? I also jojned the ResetERA one and another one for I think Boards of Canada but, frankly… It doesn’t make sense? Like, is it meant to be incomprehensible?

I found the interface utterly useless. Especially on my phone, oddly. It felt like what would happen if you just had no categories on a forum, and every post went into the one place, endlessly.

It actually felt like the old Yahoo Chatrooms? Is that basically what it is?

Anyway, I don’t use it at all.

I think I hate the internet? Yeah, I hate it. It is so excluding of people with dyslexia, sight or limb based disabilities. Maybe one day it won’t be. The interface is so broken and so useless it is amazing to think it has not been usurped by something better.

Kind of get what youre saying and yeah its very similar to it because its heavily inspired by iirc which was the online chatroom platform of your choice in the 90s

Yeah to game with friends. Though lately it’s just with my housemate who is in the room next door. Probably could just use steam for that.

I should look more into the servers.

I use the and Deep Cuts ones, both good for music discovery, ‘listening parties’ etc.

Discourse. Of course. I’ve a horse. Outside.

Yep, one of the forums I’m on is still running on this. Makes me feel like I’m posting in 2008.


i’m in a couple that came with subscribing to a couple of patreons but it is quite shit isn’t it? like, it’s just an ugly message board. although one of the ones i’m in is moderated by an ex-DiS hero

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I’m in a few for music production and games, but:
as soon as you join more than one it becomes unmanageable rubbish.