Do you use 'inator' as a suffix to anyone's name?


c?o?m?p?l?e?t?e s?e?t?e?n?c?e?


Only my best friends Term and Mr Motiv but no-one else from the top of my head


Mr Motivinator


Yep. You know him?

Edit: Deary me. I’ll take the kicking.


Just as an aside. I remembered earlier



christ. He was a prick.


I sometimes refer to you as the Balonzinator in PMs and at meats.




I prefer Balonzininator


Guy named Tim who worked behind the bar of our local when I was growing up. He was approx 1 million years old and deaf as a post.


My first son yes


My mate XTRM




Complete setenceinator


My friend at school used to call his wrestling finisher The Milleninator which was a suffix to his surname


The Antinator might sound quite cool but also maybe a bit like antenatal

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Can’t disagree with any of this


Only the cat.


Did you know that we do use inator for my boss but we also used something based around potato bilbao which I can’t quite remember the origin of?


No, I don’t think that I did know that