Do you use soap on your entire body, head to toe when you're having a shower?

Saw a big thing on twitter about this and now I’m worried that i’m some unhygienic monster. I’d like this to be an innocent thread and not the weird clusterfuck it is on twitter, but who knows.

Poll is anonymous

  • Yes
  • No maybe just the top half
  • No just stand there and let the shower do the work

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Don’t use anything. Shower gel on the odd occasion (say once every couple of months) and obviously shampoo my head sometimes.

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I brought this up years ago on dis and my showering is still the same. - no. I don’t wash my legs.


the soap runnoff suffices. let gravity do the work, eh.


Can’t say I ever actively wash my shins, maybe I should be? There’s no such thing as shin stink though right?

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Generally no, after footy or running or cycling when my legs are sweaty/dirty yes

Also after exercise I give my calves a little massage in the shower too

Not soap. Original source shower gel. With a scrunchy puffball thingy.

Yeah, all over.

After shampooing the mop at the top with own-brand ‘head & shoulders’ (occasionally with a quick second go, if I think there’s a bit of a build up of the ol’ matt clay that needs seeing off).

Hair, pits and bits. Maybe feet if I’m feeling energetic. Everything else just gets water / soap runoff.


Yes, I recall @NoahVale was a leg washer and earned marks from @anon32406580 as a result.

I wash my pits and my bits with soap but let the shampoo and the run off clean the rest of me. I am not particularly smelly though. I wear all-cotton socks so my feet don’t stink really hence a firm washing isn’t necessary.

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hair, bits and pits should have been a poll option. sorry.


I bought a puffy thing and did the legs a few times but don’t see the point. As far as I’m aware my legs don’t sweat anyway.

it’s nice to sit down in the shower sometimes


Thanks to Jonathan Van Ness I only wash my hair every other day now. Actually ends up 4 out of 7

  • Start from the feet and work your way up
  • Hair downwards

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pits and bits

Oxters and groinage is a given. But does this include behind the knees and ‘inside your elbows’?

  • Yup
  • Nope

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I’ll give my arms and legs a quick rub down, but I don’t specifically soap those parts, no.

Wait, why’s inside your elbows in inverted commas? Is that some kind of euphemism?

Nothing untoward, just didn’t know what to definitively call it/them.

Phew! Actually, I’ve no idea what they’re called, either. I wonder if there’s a name for them.

people who soap their legs and feet:

  • trash people
  • great people

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