Do you use the elephants ear technique when peeling a satsuma?


if not, you should


Nah peel them in one piece as a spiral and then put the peel back in the shape of an orange to give myself 2 mins of amusement.


Even had a photo handy.


Peeling a satsuma is a quick, simple task and doesn’t require a particular technique


not all satsumas are the same, dude. some are tougher to peel than others. unless you buy the ‘easy peelers’ from the man baby aisle, that is


i think i do this but didn’t know it had a name


I don’t think I do it (I just pick bits off until it’s all off, ideally all in one piece. However I didn’t know it had a name either.


Yes but that’s not the shape you get and you know it


Would like some backstory here dude. Did you:
a) peel satsumas using the EET and then discover there was a technical name for it?
b) peel satsumas using the EET and then give it a technical name?
c) look up the best way to peel a satsuma and discover the EET?


it fucking is man! peel from the nobby bit, almost all the way to the other bit, flip out the side bits and you get an elephants ears and trunk

forgot to mention the trunk earlier, didn’t I


think I probably made it up, bud. could be wrong though


This you?


nope! seems like my kind of guy though


cock ‘n’ balls, that


Googling ‘peeling orange elephant’s ear technique’ or similar shows no results.

What on earth are you referring to?


this is another variation


there is a better version of this without the bloke carrying the orange where you can make the middle part of the orange look like a part of his body…


this is fucking cool. I need to up my peeling game, quick sharp


here you go