Do you volunteer?

Currently on the look out for good volunteering opportunities but not yet certain what I want to devote my time to.

Do you do any volunteering? What do you do? How often do you do it?

I don’t like to talk about it.


I volunteered at a sports thing for kids last week, was teaching them how to skateboard. I do not know how to skateboard.


Used to be a ‘play leader’ at a youth club for young carers, before I got into teaching.

It was very important to me

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i know someone who’s a scout master (or leader or whatever they’re called) and he was trying to get me to join in that. sounded cool. just going camping and sailing and doing all this fun stuff, but i couldn’t commit the time needed.

could try that?

Yes. I am paid so badly in my side hustle second job that I consider it volunteer work

I do a bit of this:

I used to do every weekend, but I’ve cut it down to every other weekend now. It’s a good excuse for a walk out in the countryside interacting with a bit of nature, and a good conversation point in the pub too.

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I do ad hoc which isn’t very often but I would like to do a lot more, however I know from research they like someone to be able to commit consistently, no last minute holidays or cancelling. I am unfortunately quite unorganised.

Yes, I’ve been running film societies in my spare time for 7 years

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Did a lot at my hockey club (coaching, umpiring, admin) but wouldn’t mind doing something for a more needy group when I get settled (homeless/elderly etc).

e.g. DiSers?


volunteered at a folk festival thing about 7 years ago. remained as a reference on my CV for quite a long time after that

when i was unemployed a couple of years ago i emailed Oxfam Bookshops to look for a volunteering opportunity. never heard back. shame.

Yes I’ll be running a support group entitled ‘how to tolerate people who like/believe things that are not exactly identical to your own’.


I recently volunteered with the elderly at a charity that puts on social clubs for them. It was good fun and I’d definitely recommend it.

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Nothing can ever make me tolerate the idea of using anything except scissors to cut a pizza


Image result for moe reading to kids


Class starts next Tuesday evening at 7pm, don’t be late.

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I was a Scout leader for a number of years and continued volunteering with various organisations and events after that.

I’ve helped out local schools by maintaining their musical instruments, along with our local library. I’ve also helped out with heritage open days down here, as well as assisting at local music festivals.

I enjoy doing it now and again but I find it takes a lot out of me, so I only do it sporadically during the year.

i used to volunteer twice a month with a soup kitchen in the centre of glasgow

my advice would be to get in touch with any organisations you think you might be interested in volunteering with and go along and try it, most places will welcome you with open arms as long as you’re reliable

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