Do you want the good news first or the bad news?


what would your answer be to this question, assuming no prior context


bad then good




I’d ask for one word from each bit of news alternately.


The The bad good news news is is that that AQOS OBT is isn’t returning hosting to it DiS


Actually, both of the above would be good news in my h***** opinion


Who created AQOS originally. Was it sharp yet blunt? Is that @anon30627475 now?



Good news is…Ive been promoted so…every cloud



Is the waffle bar closed?


first bit: yes. second bit: i did not know this.


I don’t know it either, that was just who BT most reminded me of.


i don’t know what any of these posts mean. what is AQOS? btw/fyi i was flicktheturtletoo on the old site but changed my name after a user PM’d me asking if my old name was a fecal sex play in-joke, which i didn’t realise it seemed like.


is this bad?? if it is…ouch. thought we were kinda forum buddies tbh. dark tower/game of thrones chats, politically in sync. you think you know a guy and boom, etc… :disappointed:


Tomato, Ted, aubergine, your, potato, wife’s, turnip, dead.



I don’t really recall sharp yet blunt much, tbh. It wasn’t a dig or anything, don’t worry.


Good news: My daughter’s Wonder Woman costume is out for delivery today.
Bad news: it’s with Hermes.


Bad, but I’d be concerned that the good wouldn’t turn out to be all that good.