Do YOU Want To Be In A Tiger Crew Video? (Social Board Edition)

We are making a video for the Tiger Crew song Kevin Is In Jail, and YOU could be part of it.

Simply film yourself lip synching / singing the song Kevin Is In Jail by the band Tiger Crew and send me a link to download the file. I will then edit them all together to make the greatest music video of all time.

Here is the song:

The lyrics can be found here:

Just think, you could be a part of DiS history. Yes I know this has been posted on the Music Board too.

are @TigerCrewOfficial OK with this??

They liked the post in the other thread, but let’s get official blessing / non-blessing.

@tigercrewtc would you like us to make a community music video for your classic track “Kevin Is In Jail”?


I am IN if this goes ahead.

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I have messaged the band, outside of DiS too, fingers crossed this will all go swimmingly!


Will any rotten compromises be in the video?

Apologies for not making this clearer earlier, there will be no rotten compromises permitted as part of this.

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Thank goodness

We have OFFICIAL BLESSING from TC themselves!


I am IN jail


I chucked this up on Starnow and have had 101 applications so far.

Should have a good turnout for this I think.


We will give a TC shirt to every participating forum member. We have 5 to give away!! What a GREAT deal!!


Up to 8 entries now, reckon at least 20 would be a solid number.

Come on DiS, you know this is the good kind of silly.

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12 entries now, none of them DiSers other than me.


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I will consider this.

TBH knowing your new location I just assumed you were looking for locals or people willing to fly over from the UK to star in a live action video and didn’t open the thread until now.

Would like to say that I am a fan of the idea but being in it isn’t really for me

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Yeah, I completely understand that. It’s pushing it even for my low low standards.

I’m IN

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Now I need to know what you need: ratio etc?

Landscape :slight_smile:

Just got this, hehe