Do YOU Want To Be In A Tiger Crew Video?



We are making a video for the Tiger Crew song Kevin Is In Jail, and YOU could be part of it.

Simply film yourself lip synching / singing the song Kevin Is In Jail by the band Tiger Crew and send me a link to download the file. I will then edit them all together to make the greatest music video of all time.

Here is the song:

The lyrics can be found here: (please update any corrections if you get the chance @tigercrewtc ).

Just think, you could be a part of DiS history.

Challenge *DiS User*!

I mean, even the band themselves don’t want to appear in their own videos


I appreciate that there are many people who will not be interested in taking part in this project but I think it will be fun and maybe some other people will too :slight_smile:


Agreed. I wish you luck and I look forward to seeing the finished product


No thank you but good luck.


That’s a shame, but I but I understand you not wanting to be part of this project, I can see how it does not fit in with your brand.


If my marketing manager changes their mind I will be in touch.




Not particularly.


Thanks for letting me know bob, and thanks for bumping the thread back to the top of the boards.




when is the dead




Dunno. Sometime in March? Fifteenth say?

Yeah ok


ok Yeah


Well I’ve recorded mine and send it to @ma0sm so you guys get your fingers out. Here’s a quick clip of mine to spur you on:


Around the KEV-in round the KEV-in


Oh, I’d totally forgotten about this. Sorry @ma0sm, I’ll see if I can do something for you soon.