Do you want to go to any countries? (polls)

Would like to go to Germany one day. Just like a random small-mid size German town. Have a look in their supermarkets, take a train, have dinner somewhere, go to a pub.


  • Been, its great
  • Been, its okay
  • Been, its shite

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The Germans are a GBOG tbh. And not just berlin. Munich is great, cologne is low-key great.

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Hamburg: quite good but overrated
Munich: posh and expensive
Aachen: don’t go here
Koln: cool

Never been to Berlin which is a surprise to some people

Think you mean Köln

I played Nagelspielen and listened to Franzl Lang at my mate’s a couple of weeks ago so I don’t feel I really need to go to Germany

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Been to Berlin, Munich and Dusseldorf and enjoyed all of them to varying degrees.

German humour is also extremely funny by virtue of not being funny. I miss my German pals now :frowning:

If I could go anywhere for a long weekend it’d probably be Munich in December just to drink loads of beery in cozy beer halls and feel all warm inside

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yeah I want to go to Peru


How come? What would you do there?

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I reckon there aren’t many countries I wouldn’t go to if the opportunity arose


Been to Berlin several times (such a great city - one of my favourite in the world tbf), it’s where Mr s_w & I went on our honeymoon. Visited Leipzig once too in 2019 (would love to revist as only got 2 days there).

Also went to Aachen many moons ago, for Christmas markets. That was nice :slight_smile:

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France is class but there’s loads of places I’m yet to visit. Have become pretty wedded to Marseille. Need to go to Lyon. To Nantes. Bordeaux. Etc etc

Although my colleague gave me a tour of the cathedral, and they have a very low-hanging chandelier. Apparently they made the chain thicker at the bottom than at the top to create the illusion that the ceiling is further away. “But this makes no sense from a statics point of view.” he said, matter of factly, and it was absolutely hilarious

I too miss my german pals.


I thought your wife’s name began with an A

You have absolutely nailed why I love Germans. They MUST KNOW this is funny

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I want to go to all of them

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Just wander about, go to the supermarkets etc. Sounds like a fun place to go on holiday
Ethiopia too


Marseille is not a jealous lover (suddenly feel like I’m Hemingway)

I’ll go to Ethiopia with you