Do you want to go to any countries? (polls)

I’d love to! That’s the spirit of this thread imo

Wza can update the spreadsheet

Hope storage is at @Funkhouser’s gaff so it takes everyone ages to collect it



  • Been, it’s great
  • Been, it’s good
  • Been, it’s shite
  • Want to go
  • Not arsed

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was expecting more polls in this ITT tbqf

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Going to Japan as soon as they Nintendo bit at Universal Studios Osaka is done. This is NOT a joke.


  • Arsed
  • Not arsed

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Yeah, I hear that. My dad is retiring in a couple of years and I think they’re going to buy a campervan (but only for UK trips I think?!?!) so I’m hoping they’ll just lend me theirs for a few months at some point! Most campervans cost more than my house! :laughing:

@Mert_Aksac yes, DiS road trip around Europe! I really want to go to Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania etc. If we’re allowed to travel safely next year I am going to Kosovo with work, which will be very exciting!

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Lebanon would be great actually

  • Been, great
  • Been, okay,
  • Been, shite
  • Wanna go
  • not arsed

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I’m sure it’s fine but my only two experiences are the games shop I don’t really like and my partner’s parents’ house that has the frosted glass door toilet off the kitchen

we have nice lakes and the greatest river in the UK

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The nene? Corker

nene baby yeah!

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I don’t like water and, for that reason, ahm oot

Was supposed to have a week driving round Romania but the pando saw to it :frowning:

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oh you don’t have to go in, you can sit and look at it

What, Romania?! Fuck

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But how do you pronounce it bam? waits, glaring

rhymes with ten

Knew you were an extremely great man

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