"Do you want to hear a fun fact?"

  • Of course I do! Who doesn’t love a fun fact?
  • I prefer “interesting facts” but I’ll take what | can get
  • I prefer “boring facts” so I’ll go without, thanks
  • I already know all of the information in our realm so I don’t need to hear this
  • I am keen to remain at my current level of informedness so would prefer not to hear this
  • What do you mean by “a fun fact?” that could mean different things to different people so it’s important to try and get on the same page before making a decision on revealing the fact itself
  • Other (Please Specify)

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Important Note: I don’t actually have a fun fact at the moment but I’m looking to see what the most popular community response is to being asked this question

What is?

not especially. no real reason, just not arsed tbh.

Wow, okay. Expected more from you Tone, but it’s fine. I’m not angry or anything.

Oh, sorry Kermo!

For the purposes of clarity:

  • I was expecting a fun fact in this thread called “Do you want to hear a fun fact?”
  • I knew that this thread would be about the actual question “Do you want to hear a fun fact?” rather than about any fun facts themselves

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A fun fact I learnt today:

Never trust an @anon5266188 thread to deliver on the promise of its title.


“Never trust an @Antpocalypsenow thread to deliver on the promise of its title.”

  • A “fun fact”
  • A “fun opinion”
  • A “cruel fact”
  • A “cruel opinion”

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It’s a fact, and I smiled.

(I’m easily pleased)

God bless you, Hoogs

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I was expecting a fun fact, but I can see now that the thread title wouldn’t be in speech marks if you were actually proffering a fun fact, so the mistake was in fact mine.

Apologies for entering with incorrect expectations.


I do not hold you responsible for underwhelming people in this thread. I expected a fun fact, but that is, on reflection, entirely on me


Thank you Mr Ding Dong and Breaded Egg. You are both very magnanimous.


Was expecting a fact about the etymology of the word ‘fun’ tbh. I’m not sure why.

It’s derived from the old germanic word, ‘funkhouser’


Aren’t we all.

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yes please

  • ant has had a nightmare here
  • every has gone exactly according to ant’s plan

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Every what?