Do you wash duvets, pillows etc?

or just lob em

  • wash until they need replacing
  • dry clean periodically
  • just chuck em man
  • no idea, my mum deals with that shit

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depends on the label innit

ours are all machine washable so that’s what happens

No. The maid does all that.

I’d imagine of you lived in a pokey flat with no outside access, washing massive duvets inside would be a massive faff

sleeping in filth is also a bit of a faff I find

sympathise with your situation though

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not sure what any of this means dude

sorry, I was presuming that

was a description of your personal predicament

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I have two sets of pillow cases, sheet and duvet cover. Every Saturday morning one or the others set goes in the washing machine. Who wants to sleep amongst dead skin, dust mites and dry sweat?

He’s talking about the duvets and pillows themselves, not the covers.

Pillows are tempur foam things and we put liners on them so they are never washed.
Duvet is goosedown and has an additional cover on it. This might get washed in the bath every couple of years.

Duvet cover, pillow cases and fitted sheet get washed every other week.

ooft! I pity dem geese

I have a krusty the clown approach:
‘My house is dirty buy me a new one’

Yeah, it’s not what I would have chosen, but it was the TV’s and we kept it when we moved in together.

Ah, right, yes. I’ll have to ask the missus. That’s her job. :roll_eyes: