Do you wash your legs in the shower? Do ya?

  • Yes, I make a special trip down to my legs
  • No, I like 'em filthy
  • Both the above are irrelevant, as, in the process of washing the rest of your body the soap/lotion suds travel down your legs thus rendering them clean and shiny

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PS. Obviously if you’ve been on a long walk/camping/fallen in the mud you do a bend down and a scrub

I also wash my dick and balls


Oh crap when?
I saw a ‘weird things you do in the shower’ thread but not a specific leg washing one.



About a week ago :grinning:

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Thighs yeah, shins, fuck em they’re only shins


I put on my robe and wizards hat

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“Polish my shins!”

A new thing I might start saying as an exclamation but probably won’t

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I don’t shower

In my opinion, the worst part of having a shower is when you have to get out!


Well crap. Now I feel like a damn fool. :flushed: :cry:

Oh my god you have the exact same opinions as me!

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  1. Oh god not again

  2. Sometimes give em a good scrub, but other than that don’t see how they need any more washing than just being in the shower

Don’t worry about it. It’s a better thread than my “stuff that can be in things” one

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Got some cuts bruises and scrapes on my shins from deadlifting and we’ve got the old mint shower gel in rotation. It burns quite a bit when giving my shins a going over

Thanks for listening

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  1. I AM SORRY OKAY :’(
  2. Yep this is completely reasonable.
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It’s not like we don’t like to repeat ourselves :woman_shrugging: