Do you wash your legs in the shower?



Surely nobody does this, just wash your pits and bits and let gravity do the rest, right?

*this is for non-leg shaving days, cyclists


Oh god not this again


how have you lot talked about everything


been here for YEARS


Yes. I wash all of my external body parts in the shower.


Don’t bring up evening showers vs morning.


Any chance we could see a video of this?


ps I will wash my legs after i’ve been cycling because i feel like they would get extra sweaty


oddly kinky


I have started using soap in the shower rather than shower gel. It’s a game changer.


mmmm back of your knee sweat


I do my thighs but stop at my knees


Isn’t the game still getting washed?


I have bought a thing on a stick (it’s like a big scrubbing brush) and sometimes I use that to scrub my back and if I do, i’ll have a quick glance over my legs but otherwise nah i dont bother


Yeah but now I’m finally doing it!!!1111!


Not at this stage, no.


I just wash my hair and let gravity clean the rest


full body conditioning. nice.


I ONLY wash my legs.


no he’s waiting on 50¢ to get out the tub