Do you watch major sporting events at work?

  • Yes
  • No

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When the Olympics were on they had the coverage on in the conference room. When Wimbledon was on it was accepted that people would be watching it at their desks in the background.

The final rounds of the Game of Thrones card game world championship is starting in half an hour. Reckon if I put it on my second monitor I’d get fired.

Just the DOTA finals

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I’ll listen to 5 live at work, if I really want to watch a game I’ll take the afternoon off and go to the pub (did this for England vs. Wales last year)


Yes, but sometimes we slum it and put some football on instead.

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Yes. Also the minor ones.

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We don’t have a TV license for our office, and one of the members of staff is really hot on stopping anyone watching anything. Ridiculous, imho.

They sound fun.

We get new tellies in if anyone is sat in a position where they can’t see one from their desk during the World Cup and a projector is setup in one of the kitchens to make doubly sure

Wouldn’t call Arsenal matches “major” or even “a sporting event” really but someone put it on last night

I don’t sit there watching them uninterrupted, but I might tune in for a couple of minutes at a time.

This is my attitude to meetings.


Only AQoS

If Scotland ever get to the World Cup final I’ll let everyone watch it in Work

You’re a very cruel boss.


Too soon to tell at my current job. Although I do remember listening to Scotland winning the Kirin Cup when I worked at HBOS.

might chuck a bit of wimblebobs on if work’s quiet

marge simpson get out DOT mp4