Do you wear a lanyard at work?


@Slicky does. What’s on yours? I’ve got a fob that opens the doors. No lanyard though. Just keep it on my keys.


Lanyard or go home.


Photo, name, location - evacuation map on the back. Also doubles up as a door opener and cash card for the canteen.

Multi purpose.

Black lanyard for permanent staff
Pink lanyard for contractors
Red lanyard for fire marshalls
Green lanyard for first aiders
Rainbow lanyard for Diversity and Inclusion Champions
Orange lanyard for visitors
Purple lanyard for employees not based in MK
Yellow lanyard for employees who have left their lanyard at home


I don’t. “Lanyard” is a word that I only found out existed 5 years ago.


We have our ID card/pass for the doors on yellow lanyards here. Never wear it though, just stick it in my pocket cos I’m not a lanyard wanker.

The ID card has a mugshot (that has pretty much worn off), name and the site we’re based at on it.




Sounds like it could be one of the family’s surnames in that shit dragon porn programme for twats


I had to once and they take your photo on tge spot at the front desk and i looked like an actual murderer


Yes. Rainbow one :rainbow_flag:

Got a picture of me on it, obv. Not only does it unlock doors, but it also logs into the printer / photocopier for me!


Bake Off?


When I was a delivery driver, we used to deliver to loads of army (,etc) bases. Always had to go and sign in and get a pass made up, more often than not they seemed to take the photo without giving you chance to ‘pose’ for it.


I do. It’s got one of those drawstring things which I’m forever playing with and is probably gonna break soon.

This is an exciting thread.


I take it off at my desk and only wear it if I’m moving about the site and need to swipe into places.

I hate the photo. The security card took the absolute piss with it, he didn’t tell me he was taking the photo so now it’s a photo of me looking worried about having to have my photo taken. I’m not even looking at the camera ffs.


Have to wear one when out and about. Includes name, photo, job role and a warrant summary thing on the back so I can enter places legally. Not that anyone ever asks to see that bit.


I’m supposed to but absolutely refuse to wear it. Keep the swipe card in my wallet which I use to scan through doors, the printer etc.

Got a mate who’ll if I’ll meet him for beers after work he’ll still have his fucking lanyard on.


In the event of forgetting to bring your pass, security - despite saying hello/goodbye to you most days - won’t let you through the barriers at reception and you have to get someone from the office to come down and escort you up.


not at work, just at home


Wouldn’t want strangers using your photocopier, tbf.


Yep, photo ID card and security pass. I work in a college so everyone has to wear their lanyard at all times. We’re allowed to put pins and badges on it though, so that’s pretty exciting.


I have one but I keep it in my pocket rather than wearing it like some sort of lanyard wanker