Do you wear hairstyling product?


this is a good one [poll public=true]

  • never
  • sometimes
  • always


always but I don’t have a preferred product at all. It’s one of those things that I’m never completely happy with.


Aye, my mate has a barbering academy so I get some promo products off him, got some american crew pomade atm and it’s real good


If I’m leaving the house, yeah.


every now and again. got quite luxurious (albeit lank) hair, so sometimes I just wash…and go


Yeah, usually spray it (quiff).

Used some Caffeine Shampoo this morning. SUCH BOUNCE.


A classic look


i used to be morally opposed to it but now i wear wax sometimes


what time is your interview bud?


I Miss the days when 3litres of flakes wet look gel that matted your hair together in thick clumps was in style.

That was pretty much the only hair product that I could use and instead of making my hair look worse than everyone else’s, just made it look the same level of shit.

This stuff :two_hearts:


Yes, ^this stuff is fucking hurricane proof. Also use a bit of umberto giannini mousse as well.


already had it. turmed up late cos i couldn’t find the building, other than that it seemed to go ok


Gone bald so, it’s a ‘no’ from me.


Same here. Never used any when I had hair either.


I use a dehumidifying spray


Some wax, American Crew is prefered


Ive got the “Fibre” one. Not applied it properly yet though


absolutely never


I use that ‘Matt Paste’ stuff (God I hate that name).

Followed by hairspray.

Often end up looking like Sid Vicious.


Bought this really expensive (30 dollars AU) product last week. Super skeptical about the price, but it’s fucking ace.

+1 quiff