Do you write customer reviews?

don’t worry about it

Xylo, I’ve moved to a new office and I’m now working in the same building as a rare books company. They’ve got this really weird thing that looks like a massive cool box with a light in it. they keep putting stuff in it and looking at it.

Sometimes on Trip Advisor/Happy Cow/Facebook. Usually for places that get bad reviews because someone’s said “Waaaah, there’s no meat!”

alright, characters from Lord of The Rings, when looking at a menu


Still find this amusing:


Went to campsite this weekend where they packed you in and charged £12 per person. The guy also patrolled keeping and eye on things, he informed me that one guy had had 3 forty minute showers that day.
It annoyed me more as when coming to pay they insisted you pay in cash and the only cash point for 6miles charges £2. We asked for a receipt which we got but it had no details on or vat number it literally just said how much we paid. I may leave them a review.

At least Radiohead were alright, eh.


[Quote]“This love. Fool. Osophy is killing previous illusions that I had in my mind about you.”

So sang Jay “Jamiroquai” Kay on Jamiroquai’s Number 14 UK chart hit Love Foolosophy, and it was this song that I had running through my mind as I toured the upper echelons of Stirling Castle. [/quote]

That is excellent work, pal.

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I’m properly stuck in a hole here


If you say so

Exchange them for Slush Puppy tokens?