Do your kettle, microwave and toaster match


  • Same brand, same colour
  • Different brand, same colour
  • Same brand, different colour
  • Different brand, different colour

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Matching small appliances

  • Generally good
  • Generally bad

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Not on science ovenbook.


Oh here he is!


Not on toasterbook

Don’t have a microwave or a toaster.


I foolishly bought a glass kettle.

Do not buy a glass kettle.


Fucking hell mates

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One didn’t come with the gaff man so we haven’t bothered to invetigate further.

The (off white) microwave is the cheapest one Tesco sell, after I destroyed the last one.

The (white) toaster came with the house and looks like the cheapest one Poundland sell. I broke it, but it never got used.

The (black) kettle was from John Lewis and looks like it belongs in the batcave.

Kettle and toaster match, brand and colour. Science oven is freestyling it…

This is just a thinly-veiled ‘I’ve splashed out on a brand new Eternal Beau set’ thread, isn’t it?

hard water?

What’s up with a glass kettle, meow?

how no

No microwave but toaster and kettle match.

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I’ve actually bought a red delonghi science oven (£40, second hand) and a black breville toaster (£20, dunelm)

Finally out of the 2 slice doldrums

Of course you have



My girlfriend wants to spend £50 on an orla kiely kettle.

We have a working kettle (metal)

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  • That’s a really lovely thing to allow them a cup of tea while they’re working
  • Don’t be silly you’ll get charged money for leaving crap in the flat
    [/poll]Should I leave my kettle behind for the council workers who will be coming into my flat to do work on it before someone moves in