Do your parents have a strong understanding of what you do for a living?

Long answer: no they don’t.
Short answer: no

  • Oui mate
  • No

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Yes, they are also frequent visitors to my workplace.


I don’t have a strong understanding of what I do for a living


My dad probably likes to think he has a better understanding of what I do for a living and could do a better job himself.


no idea

my mum keeps trying to get me to fix her car

My inlaws are constantly talking to me about their Apple Macs. IDNGAF.

Probably more so than when I was doing scientific research but not by that much.

When I said I was thinking of leaving my profession to get another job purely to escape the relentless bullying, my mum said she wasn’t surprised as she didn’t think this “kind of thing”, i.e. a “proper” professional job, was for me. Thanks mum.


My step dad worked in tech before he retired so probably has a good idea, but we don’t discuss work really

My mum hasn’t a clue, but nor do my kids. I’m fine with this, I actively resist having to explain it to new people as it’s so dull

My Ma does as she’s in a local authority too, my da does not

My parents have a good understanding.

The inlaws, not a clue. Probably just think I loaf around the house all day in joggers, which isn’t that far away from the truth.

I think they imagine I do more work than I actually do.


Every couple of years my dad will say something along the lines of ‘You don’t really tell us about what it is you are up to’. So I start to reply in as simple a way as possible and he immediately interrupts and then changes the subject.
Think my mum has more of general understanding of working in an office, the sector etc but not beyond that but that’s fine.

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They understand generally what I do yes, I like to talk/moan about it a bit. The actual detail of what my day to day job involves, probably not.


Do you want more?

yes, what I do is simple to understand

They have an idea of what I do but still think I should be supplementing my income by teaching languages as if that’s not an entirely different career and skill set

No thank you

No problem.

My parents yes. My in-laws it is a struggle every bloody time

and what about when you try to explain what you do for a living!!?!?!!!?

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