Do your parents...

Wear headphones out of the house?

  • HeadphONes
  • HeadphoNOnes

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Or in the house even. How do you feel about it?

Please feel free to start more polls about what our collective parents do and do not do. Thank you.

On a plane yes

My mum does not BUT I suspect if my dad were alive he might do as he was a big supporter of the Walkman.

I can’t remember if my mum has headphones or earphones, but she definitely wears some kind of listening device outside

Subtitles at all times, despite not having hearing problems, on all shows - even sport where the subtitles actively obstruct the view of what’s happening

  • Of course, great
  • My parents enjoy seeing the whole screen

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Radio 2 pretty much permanently on all daytime (save for maybe a Neighbours or news break)

  • Yes, they fucking love it
  • No, they do not

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No idea what my dad does.

Don’t think my mum has ever owned earphones or headphones.

Oh hi. I always have subtitles on too. Started as a passive aggressive teenage thing “look how loud you idiots are talking that I need subtitles”, and I’ve become dependent on them since


Radio 2, itv, sky news. All day every day.

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And Me.

Radio 4 and Smooth are the only two radio stations in my parents’ house

  • Yep
  • No

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My step-dad likes listening to his music really loudly (as is proper) a few years ago he told me our neighbour came over to complain about the noise and he pretended it was one of us kids playing it! “oh, I am sorry Bob*, I’ll tell them to turn it down”
Utterly disgraceful.

*Not his real name


Radio 2 in the day, Salvage Hunters or some BBC drama at night and every BBC TV news bulletin. Tbf to them they do go out quite a bit around this and at the moment they’re on mine and Mrs F’s dream holiday, the wankers.

10.30-11am weekdays is the only good time for R2, except Rylan maybe at the weekend and Liza Tarbuck after her 3rd wine.

i’ve started leaving the subtitles on everything

my hearing is a bit bad but not that bad really dunno why i do it

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Cannot BELIEVE you missed Serious Jockin no G off here


watch standard definition versions of HD channels on their HD TV because “they’re louder”

  • yes :angry:
  • no :slight_smile:

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Think I hate Steve Wright the most.


don’t think either of my parents have ever worn head / earphones in their lives

they’ve been on planes, so they must have. but other than that pretty sure never.


your parents

  • drink more than you
  • drink less than you
  • don’t drink

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Very difficult answering polls when each parent is very different.