Do your teeth ever annoy you?



I’m asking if they give you pain, I’m asking about discomfort and annoyance. For example, mine occasionally feel irritating and the idea of having them scraped, loosened up or twisted around slightly with pliers is actually appealing.


Mine annoy me occasionally as they are a bit crap, but they don’t tend to cause me any pain


For years I’ve had problems with one wisdom tooth. Constantly impacting against the gum. Had antibiotics to stop an infection for it earlier this year where the pain was constant. Codeine not making a dent in it. That was the only time it’s been so bad though. Rest of my teeth are good, have all of them and with no fillings.

Didn’t go to the dentist for about 7 years until this last June. In that time I got addicted to coffee and cigarettes so I was expecting the worst, but I was told they were fine. Teeth. Strong stuff.


no, but i’ve not been to the dentist in years and i really should perhaps go for a check up


i love when they get scraped, they feel so much feer


i use to fancy my hygienest, although pretty hard to flirt when you’re lying on your back, your mouths numb and full of liquid


how do you do blank posts on this thing?


Yeah they do actually.


I complain about my wisdom tooth here a lot but it’s fucking awful, massive tooth that can’t be filed down any more and literally locks my jaw when I grit my teeth so I can’t slide it in its direction. I want it out but I’m a massive coward. Don’t celebrate Christmas so might schedule the appointment over the holidays so I dot have to take holiday days




fuck knows


You’re crackers


Occasional sensitivity on the bottom right wisdom tooth, but otherwise fine. I wish I didn’t have so much of an overbite thought :frowning2:


Genuinely find it quite pleasurable or perhaps satisfying is a better word, like taking off clothes that have been restricting you all day (but for months or years).


Wisdom teeth move occasionally and cause aches in my jaw for a couple of weeks at a time.

Other than that, pretty fine, I think.




I hate the feeling afterwards though, where (and I know this sounds daft) you can feel the wind against your teeth. Not nice at all, not for me clive.


Mine bleed every time I clean them with a manual toothbrush. For that reason I don’t clean them with a manual toothbrush any more. I’m hoping they’ll have magically cured themselves one day.


they get sensitive if i haven’t brushed them in the morning, i do do that though so it’s rarely an issue


got a tooth that’s really sensitive because i’ve had that thing where the dentist goes ‘this tooth could potentially decay in the future!!’ so drills a hole in the side of it and caps it. except it’s not filled with a whole filling. maybe part of it has fallen out but i tell him it’s very sensitive and feels open and he just says it’s nothing to worry about and i’m making it up. i can feel it is partially empty with my tongue and it’s annoying.

got an impacted wisdom tooth too. every time i go and see him he puts it off and goes ‘we’ll make a decision next time’.

gums are always inflamed and frequently have ulcers (combo of stress and lupus)