Doctor Who Series 10


I know everyone’s bored of this but actually it’s been really good. Even the rough bits of the episodes have been smoothed out by how great the new companion is and the dynamic involved.

Who’s in the vault?

Will anyone reply?

Where’s @anon29812515?

I haven’t seen the latest episode but the three before that were decent. When are they going to confirm who the next Doctor is? I think I’ll have to avoid social media for a while if it is Kris Marshall

Agreed, hopefully not KM.

The one just gone was presented in a special surround sound thing called binaural sound or something. Basically, watch with headphones if you can because it’s pretty cool.

Yep - enjoying it. New assistant is good too.

Been reading these a lot:

I saw the video read through they did of the Twelfth Doctor one. F has no idea who Doctor Who is so I didn’t bother buying for her.

Tried to get my son to watch it - he’s made it about 2 minutes into each one. Not gonna try with the wall bugs…

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My mate’s boy was captivated by the Cybermen two parter from Series 2 (he was re-watching after a big discussion about the ‘best’ episodes). So you could try booting up the Netflix and picking something like that?

Come on @zxcvbnm we know you’re watching this.

Did not watch it on Saturday. Only saw part of last weeks.

Seems ok.

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they’ve teased John Simm coming back - presumably he’s in the vault?

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Presumed so, yeah. He always loved playing the organ/piano, didn’t he?

Edit: the master in general. Not necessarily John Simm

Dunno you nerd.

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Yeah but if it’s Simm’s master it’s a shame they didn’t do four knocks at the end of last week’s episode. I mean then it’s OBVIOUS but now it just feels like wilful misdirection?

‘’[quote=“zxcvbnm, post:12, topic:14283, full:true”]
Dunno you nerd.

Yeah, really enjoying these ones… Capaldi’s good but I found the last couple of series a bit of a slog, felt like I’d missed an episode somewhere along the way and wasn’t entirely sure what was going on.

It’ll probably end up being the next regeneration Doctor in the vault, for a reason that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Where did the vault come from? Was it in the 2016 Christmas special? I missed that one.

Yeah, not sure because I missed that one too and Christmas Specials are a fucking BASTARD to see again when they’ve been missed except by paying a fucktonne on iTunes.

It wasn’t in the xmas one. Just turned up in the first episode of the series.


Actually it’s odder than that: you cannot buy it even though you can buy every episode either side of it. There’s a BBC store, though, so maybe it’s there.