Doctor Who Series 11 Trailer


Looks good to me. Same duff budget but @Antpocalypsenow’s favourite man is there and JW seems to be having a good time.


Am excited for JW and everything but Bradley Walsh is the goddamn main event here :raised_hands:


really hope this is good.


Looking forward to watching the series but this is a 50 second trailer, couldn’t they have come up with a bit more to show at least?


these things are always supposed to end with a dalek emerging out of the shadows.


When is this on? It feels like ages since the last series.


October I think


I don’t like Doctor Who


me neither but I might check out the trailer


I only replied cause Theo tagged me into his post, I won’t watch the trailer.


I just replied cos you replied :heart:




What about a Bradley Walsh centric edit of Doctor Who?


I like Bradley Walsh but I don’t like Doctor Who so this is a difficult proposal to consider.


I was hoping yer man Walsh would cause you to give it a chance


Can’t remember if I posted this Daily Mail comment when the announcement was made last year…



I wish no ill on Doctor Who or it’s viewers


some clown on twitter the other day said he didn’t object because she was a woman, but that it ‘simply wasn’t canon’. He’s not even a time lord in canon, i wanted to say, but what’s the fucking point eh.

Anyway, looking forward to this and I reckon BW’s going to be great.