Doctor Who's a woman



Imagine watching Dr Who!




this is an outrage


political correctness gone mad!


Bet she can’t even drive the thing!


So far seen 15 fb comments predicting outrage and no-one actually bothered about it


Cos it’s on the slide innit. Five years ago there would’ve been PANDEMONIUM, now no one really cares unless they actively want to be angry at something.

She’s a good actor though so it might be alright but you woulda said the same about Capaldi


Peaked with Ecclestone didn’t it, let’s be honest.


“I can’t operate on this boy - he is my son!”


Five years ago we hadn’t had a time lord change gender tho. Think that’s made a difference


Seen a fb post about how it’s going to change its name to nurse who. Very shit bants, that


Anything that gets Daily Mail readers angry is fine by me.



Dr. Who was of course the last bastion of modern masculinity


Actually no, just read a comments thread on fb about it and there are a LOT of crybabies complaining about her being a woman. Someone saying the dr had a daughter, maybe it’s her?! No you fucking numbskull, she’s the fucking dr. Jfc


It’ll still be shit


in tact


I bet no actual children even watch this anymore, just complete weirdos


(I will watch it)