Doctor Who's a woman


Voted in this poll even though I have no idea what it’s about.



This post still makes me chuckle.


I’m outraged only by people writing Dr Who when it’s Doctor Who.


A friend posted about Doctor Who on Facebook and someone he knows responded that:

Doctor Who viewing figures are in the toilet since they started this virtue signalling crap.

To which I replied:

Really? According to the Express (not a paper that is well known for supporting “virtue signalling”:

"The 8.2 million viewing figure was a whopping 40.1 per cent share of Sunday evening viewers, so the BBC series’ premiere essentially owned primetime television.

Matt’s turn in the spotlight in 2010 achieved an impressive 8 million viewers, which isn’t far behind Jodie’s valiant efforts.

Peter on the other hand only managed 6.8 million during the beginning of his tenure in 2014.

Currently, the only Doctor to beat Jodie’s attempts is Broadchurch and Jessica Jones actor David Tennant."

Anyone who uses the term “virtue signalling” is a first class wanker who won’t believe facts anyway so I my response is for other people who might see what he said and take it as fact.


Posted this on DiS before but it is the quintessential takedown of virtue signalling

Doing anything or holding any opinion is signalling what your ‘virtues’ are. So so dumb


I mean, that isn’t what “virtue signalling” means.


I honestly don’t have a clue what it means. Anyone expressing any opinion ever could be virtue signalling so it’s a meaningless term


As used in the social media age, it means public, empty gestures intended to convey socially approved attitude without any associated risk or sacrifice [from Wikipedia].

That Limmy tweet therefore totally misses the mark.


It’s kinda morphed from a criticism from progressives aimed at people making empty gestures instead of enacting practical measures (politicians in the States tweeting thoughts and prayers after a shooting while taking money from the NRA, for eg.) into some buzzword used completely devoid of meaning as a general ‘I don’t like progressive politics’ thing, like snowflake and sjw.


It’s like calling someone a tory on here then :wink:


Driving an audi is virtue signalling?


I don’t think it’s completely devoid of meaning. It’s clearly a thing.


Everything is virtue signalling! That’s why its not a thing :grin:


It’s a thing that right wing snowflakes use to try to shut up the opinions of people with whom they disagree.




OK? So you agree that you’re a right wing snowflake? Fine.


Enjoyed the second episode too. Looks like the rumours of there being no series arc/ Big Bad might have been a little bit out.


Need to watch it again but when they see the hologram in the tent is the Tardis sat on top of a dead giant?


watched ep2 again. i love it so much, the old school titles, the sheer joy on the doctors face when she sees the tardis, even the directing feels fresh, lots of claustrophobic close ups and nice framing and stuff, jodie whittaker is great, everything is briliant