Doctor Who's a woman

watched ep2 again. i love it so much, the old school titles, the sheer joy on the doctors face when she sees the tardis, even the directing feels fresh, lots of claustrophobic close ups and nice framing and stuff, jodie whittaker is great, everything is briliant


did not notice that but well up for some giants

I might have completely imagined it but seems like a cool idea to me anyway.

I think both episodes have been solid but not spectacular, both have a had great and average moments in them. Jodie just is the Doctor isn’t she, not that I ever doubted she wouldn’t be great. The TARDIS reveal at the end of Ep. 2 was beautifully done and the interior looks great if extremely different to 12th’s.

It is Doctor Who but it is does feel very different, the tone and look is so distinct from series 10 and I think they are still figuring it out, which is obviously understandable. I do think neither episode has been especially funny, which is a shame.

But overall I’m enjoying it massively and can’t wait to see how it develops, have complete faith that is going to be a great season


I didn’t think much of the second episode’s direction - it looked very dated to me. The bits on the spaceships were too shakycam and the section in the old city could have been so much better done. Oddly enough, the director was Mark Tonderai, who older DiSers might remember as a Radio 1 DJ in the 90s.

I still like JW a lot in the role, and the new titles and music are great. Not so keen on the Tardis myself, it looks a bit too teal and orange.

Glad that Whittaker’s looking likely to arrest the trend of each of the modern Doctors being a bit shitter than the last. Ecclestone was so, so good. He’s the only one i’ve totally bought into. I’d lost interest by the time Capaldi got the gig, though i thought it was in a way an interesting casting given his age.

Agree with the general feeling that the music has been the best thing so far this season. The new title music is amazing and the general score has also been great. I think Murray Gold has written some great pieces but overall I always found his music at bit cloying and overworked. There was never any nuance to it.

Also glad there does seem to be some kind of arc/serialisation/episode link despite the press before the series started.

I’m gunna go out on limb and say 13th’s costume is the best ever. I can hand out my address if anyone wants to shake their head to my face.


Very early days obvs, but I think the cast and the writing is very good - and much more akin to ‘proper’ drama than something that is played in the more broad, pantomimey register that has been the case in the recent past (Tennant onwards).


thought the first Tennant season was alright too but maybe just cos I was 13 at the time?
also thought Billie Piper was amazing and the best actress in the world

she is properly great

Didn’t much enjoy last weeks episode, found it pretty dull stuff overall. Feels very very different from the RTD/Moffatt ones which is probably for the best. Will wait and see how it develops

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Thought last night’s episode was really good. Rosa Parks has long been a hero of mine, and this one handled her story better than any kids show about a time travelling alien could reasonably be expected to. Not ashamed to say I was a bit weepy by the end. They missed a trick by not calling it Parks And Segregation though.


It was great being able to talk to my son about it as he’s never covered anything like it before. He was pretty shocked how much of a dick the white people were.

My complaint is the scheduling. At half term. Should have been during term so that they could all go in and discuss it.


So far:
First episode: yorkshire
Second episode: awful
Third episode: great

A good subject to continue with might be a discussion why Rosa Parks was the poster girl for anti-segregation and Claudette Colvin, who made the same protest earlier, was not.

I have never been a big fan of Dr Who and unfortunately this series has changed my opinion yet. I find the acting a bit like musical acting, over exaggerated. But I see how its good for children and adults to watch together and great it covered a Rosa Parks.

Might just stick with the treating everyone equally and being kind thing for the time being as he is five.




Fair point.

Think was the best episode by far this season. Very sensitively and maturely handled given it’s a kids show that goes at half 6 in the evening. Thought the woman who played Rosa Parks was excellent, she was in Black Mirror as well.

My only gripe was another kind under-fed plot, we kind of got the idea the guy was a future racist who came back in time to stop Rosa but that was about it. We didn’t really know who he was or where he came from or whether he was any organisation. He seemed a bit vague.

But it was a great episode anyway and Jodie is becoming more and more Doctor-y as she goes along, she is brilliant.

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