Doctor Who's a woman




There’ll be a female Buffy next!


I definitely think there’s legs in Dr WTF.


I know a doctor who’s a woman


I live with a doctor who’s a woman



These days you get locked up and thrown in jail if you say you want a male Dr. Who.

What's your most-liked (non-heavy) post on the new site?

Joe Cornish must be well happy


“Bang goes another wonderful male role model”? What a weird old man who lives in a phone box?


Well mate that’s where you’ll find the sexist replies you were dismissing.


I was just commenting on my own fb. I must just know good people


Imagine if when she regenerates the first thing she does is shout “FUCK OFF IM MILLWALL”


I’m happy about this because the alternative was Kris Fucking Marshall. Getting to watch internet people getting upset because it’s unrealistic that an alien who regularly changes appearance, has two hearts, and can travel in space and time also has a vagina is just the icing on the cake.


Didn’t know he had two hearts. Can’t get this out my head now


Was Capaldi any use then?
I pretty much jumped ship towards the end of the Matt Smith run, just checked back in for his send-off.


aw, imagine if Buster had been the 13th. Missed casting opportunity.


The travesty here is that we’re still waiting for the first Irish Doctor (Who) anyway.


Doctor Who Cares




Enjoying the idea that an Alien who clearly doesn’t have a binary gender is so vehemently having its traditions so honoured by the right :heart: