Doctor Who's a woman


More like Dr Shoes, right lads?! (Women like shoes probably)


Doctor? I barely know 'er!



i only ever see bits and pieces of it but i quite liked what i saw of Capaldi’s performance. what i saw of Matt Smith looked unbearable most of the time.



Sign me up.


she’s also now also the hottest Doctor ever


also as if these Daily Mail comments are even real. obviously they’re written by the staff to get people to read their website.


Feel sorry that womankind has now been tarnished by the steaming pile of shite that is Dr Who


you say that and as a TV show it may not exactly be cutting edge but that isn’t the point at all

It’s a show for kids to begin to imagine the endless possibilities of space and time and it’s been serving that purpose for half a century

also, without it the BBC Radiophonic Workshop & subsequently the entire landscape of electronic music & technology would be much poorer so


this last series has been really great. his penultimate episode is the best its been in years


Nah, it’s shite


I mean, she’s very attractive but she’s no Tennant.
Let’s not go crazy.



Listen to me, Daily Mail fucktards. Doctor Who is NOT a man. He is simply an alien who looks like a man. End of discussion. Goodbye. Go away and cry into your pint of London Pride, you sad fuck.


it’s possible that we’re both right


Sorry to get all #seriousresponse in here, but I will say that Doctor Who is like the only male character for little chids who solves problems by means other than manly violence and doesn’t get rewarded with a woman at the end. He was a rare breed of positive role model for boys in fiction; but the chump who posted that wants to get angry at the entire rest of pop culture for not providing other examples rather than Doctor Who for doing what it wants.

Somebody could’ve said that already though, as if I’m reading this entire thread, it’s long.


I’m pleased about this. Not because I was (overly) champing at the bit to annoy Mail readers or because I think it had to happen this time around (though it felt inevitable). I’m just pleased because the show needed a shakeup.

And Who has always been good for that. Inventing regeneration when actors left. Using Delia Derbyshire’s score. TARDIS breaking in 70s due to budget cuts. The show is at its most memorable when trying new things.

I know lots of people don’t get Who, but I grew up on it. It’s one of the few big programmes aimed at getting the family together. Where the hero merely wants to explore, learn and help people. The Doctor hates guns. And oppression. And I know it’s just an often not to my taste variety show, but it’s also unique.

So I’m happy about this and hope my daughter now has a reason to want a TARDIS you in her room like I did…


I would really like to think that is true but, alas, I fear that they are real




well i, for one, shall not be watching.