Doctor Who's a woman


Looking forward to the Christmas episode when the Doctor finds his old pair of dusty boobs in the back of a cupboard and sadly detaches his dick and uses it as a doorstop…


First they came for the Ghostbusters and I did not speak out…



erm, ok


meanwhile, on Facebook…

Chris Wood: Jeremy Corbyn or Diane abbot would have been a better choice as there both aliens
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Not really on, this


dr whom*





Even Mail readers can make great pitches.


(Don’t worry, I meant that towards yer man from the Daily Mail)


Yes. But this doesn’t mean DW can’t be a male again in the future… or expunge from existence the previous 12 Doctors’ episodes.

It’d be nice for young girls to have a non -sexualised role model for a bit too, wouldn’t it? Share and share alike.


Just hope she sticks around for more than 2 years, and the new team of writers get better.
Sure she’ll be a great actress… (never seen broadchurch)


Would watch


Been to the real life doctors this morning. I was eleventh in line for an emergency appointment. One of the ten when asked stated a preference for a male doctor, four asked for a woman doctor, five had no preference. So in conclusion, women doctors who might save your life, or get you time off work - good, women doctors who want to fight robots and time travel - bad. I shouldn’t have listened really.




How she going to park the tardis? Wahey! ( its probably already been said up thread)


Now that Dr Who is a woman, can Mark Gatiss stop writing fucking shit episodes?


I hear you’re a woman now, doctor


I love Jodie Whittaker but if there’s one criticism of her casting it’s that her face is too nice. All the best Doctor Whos have weird faces. Look at Matt Smith, he looks like a horse wearing a pancake mask with two beady eye holes cut out, Eccleston like a jug/man hybrid, all the old ones look like paedos etc.