Doctor Who's a woman


I’d have gone with someone like Fleabag or Michaela Coel.


I thought Phoebe Waller-Bridge would have been perfect, but I guess she’s already gone to Hollywood so Doctor Who is already beneath her pay grade.


It’s 2017


It has been on the cards for years. People are flying off the handle saying “what next, Jackie Chan playing Miss Marple!!!” but this is fundamentally different. Dr Who is a fucking shape shifting alien ffs. So it has always been a theory he could be anything.

Give it an episode, people will stop giving a shit.


Exactly, it’s part of the character in the story that they regenerate. The way people go on you think they’d just decided to recast as a woman between series.

I imagine there’s a large cross over of people annoyed at this and voted for brexit.


also[quote=“jalfrezi, post:104, topic:16024”]
Jackie Chan playing Miss Marple!

would be fucking brilliant


Someone should start a petition to get jackie chan’s poirot made.


Then get Johnny Depp to remake Rumble in the Bronx


Looking for an established, dedicated female lead for their bullshit and all they’ve got is Miss Marple.



Take it to the terrible things people post on social media thread.


Corbyn voted to Remain, didn’t he?


He voted 7/10ths Remain iirc


three things strike me about this

  1. weird how even on this board ‘virgins’ is still a fun insult to level at people.

  2. venn diagrams have been overused now and

  3. I really hate the ‘the referendum was only advisory’ crowd. Not as much as the idiots braying about the brexit result. About a third as much.


btw this is not levelled at you hexagram. you are lovely and smell of roses



eye twitches


Cheers chum. Good point though - easy to go from criticising others for being dicks, to just being a dick. Laser beam in thine own eye or something (haven’t watched much Doctor Who, assume there’s lasers).


How do you think Corbyn voted

  • Leave
  • Remain
  • drew a picture of a willy

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or perhaps slightly more pertinently…