Doctor Who's a woman


Batwoman vs Manwombat could be the first superhero film to tempt me to the cinema


AKA Mrs Doubtfire 2


Thought this was a reply to @Gert for a second there.


Calling people* virgins** is fine***.

*Lets face it, we exculsively aim it at men

**Virginity is a social construct, steeped in dodgy religious and patriarchal ideas. In using it we turn it against those that hold it as important, whilst those that know it isn’t are safe

***…or at least low enough on the Problematic Insult Scale to allow some small amusment to be derived


No, he cant.

The last 10 minutes of any Gatiss episode is usually the nadir of any series…


in retrospect, it’s kind of weird how good the league of gentlemen was. feel like they’ve all shown up their limitations in their later work but when they were all together it was just like a perfect marriage.




It’s important for sexually dysfunctional people (including people who aren’t virgins but struggle with sex for whatever reason)… a reminder that they should feel ashamed of something beyond their control. Just reinforces that self-loathing :+1:


Oldfirmfacts have been wonderful in the past 24 hrs


Today in people getting upset about fictional characters being miscasted due to believes they have about that character that aren’t real;


This really isn’t the same thing.


Going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume this is a parody post.


“Guy Ritchie has been lined up to direct the film.”


Why not? People have gotten upset because they think dr who is a male character, which it isn’t, and people think Aladdin is set in an Arabic country, which it isn’t


It’s almost as if context is important somehow.


I’m just wondering where in the past 54 years I missed seeing the Doctor get his dick out. Actually, forget that. There MUST be a Doctor Who porn parody out there. There must be… But do I want to see it?


Apropos of nothing, I see that moker has spent the past few days retweeting increasingly worse alt-right types as he wages war on leftist remain types.


He retweeted a UKIP MEP just now…


Fucking hell. What’s the next step up from full moker? Post-moker?


‘Singularity moker’