Doctor Who's a woman


From what I remember from childhood theatre trips it was about out-of-season Australian soap stars who couldn’t sing well enough for Stock Aitken and Waterman


This is the charmer he was retweeting the other day:


Yeah but this is a remake of the Disney animated version which IS set in Arabic country.


It’s based on a story from Arabian Nights so it’s kind of implicit.


Oh, wasn’t aware of that and it doesn’t really specify it in the article. Fair enough then


Genuinely hope she’s not actually related to Adam Smith.


How exciting to have a Huddersfield Town fan at the controls of the Tardis!


(And now He isn’t a Man)


Its a whole new world


I’m surprised that the king of the baby-men himself hasn’t Tweeted his opinion about this yet. Seems like just the kind of important matter that would trouble the POTUS



Who? Never heard of him


Wait, Dr Who’s a fucking alien?!


No, he/she’s from East Kilbride and just happens to have a time and space travelling police box that he/she bought down the big shopping centre.


I really want @Lo-Pan to detail everything he currently knows about Doctor Who.


And of course it is Doctor, not Dr, Who. :wink:


HYG is a doctor?


Just a keen hobbyist, really, but if you pop the trousers off and hop on the table I’ll take a quick look.


Nice try, pal, but I’m not hopping half-naked on a table for anyone.


it’s okay man i had literally no idea about doctor who being anything other than shite before i entered this thread