Doctors POLL


You go to the docs with nob/fanny rot, or ass grapes…

  • Doctor of the same sex for…that stuff, please
  • Doctor of a different sex for…that stuff, please
  • Absolutely no preference

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don’t really have a preference but the only two doctors who are ‘reproductive health’ specialists ARE women


also have had healthcare professionals who have completely ignored personal boundaries before


Last time you went to doctors

  • Last week
  • Last month
  • Six months
  • 1 year
  • 2
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  • 9+

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Did have to have the old balls looked at when I was 13 and I can confirm I was absolutely mortified by both male and female medical inspections of them.


I went to get a routine STD checkup a couple of years back and the lady nurse, after shoving some test stick up the pipe (not pleasant) started fondling my balls with no word of a warning. I shot right out of my chair. Took me a split second to realise that she was checking for bumps and not getting frisky. The remainder of that ball check was in a very awkward silance while I was blushing beetroot-colour.

That said… No preference, really.


I haven’t had a smear test ever because I’m too embarrassed but that is so stupid and my thing to do this new year is get one


You’ve been watching too many of those videos…


They should definitely warn you before they start rolling the boys around!



I blush really really easily so easier with a woman doctor


find women easier to talk to generally


Really couldn’t care less. They’re trained medical professionals, there’s nothing they haven’t heard before and they might as well be genderless automata for all I care.

Once had the weird experience of a young doctor seemingly being more embarrassed to talk about poo than I was. Then tried to make it seem like I was the one getting embarrassed, when it’s literally one of my favourite topics of conversation.


I had a male doctor tell me I should have rung up beforehand and asked for a female doctor. I was shocked considering all that was required was that I take my trousers off, I had my top on, my pants still on. He also called a female nurse to come in and supervise too. Why!?


religious beliefs?


Yeah, that did cross my mind, that’s probably it. How was I meant to know this beforehand though? I’d never had him as my doctor before. Ah well, next time!


Female nurse is there to corroborate any complaints of abuse. I suppose having two men in the room with the patient might not be as reassuring.


I know I know, I was just surprised is all. I’ve always had male doctors.


I’ve had a woman swag inside my urethra and a man stick a finger in my anus for medical reasons and neither were pleasant.


Ant, you’ve peaked this thread already. Ahm oot.