Dodgy Twitter Betting Tipsters

Basically, bad bad meffs setting themselves up as bookmaker affiliates and getting paid on average 30% of peoples losses, encouraging gamblers to place heavy bets on likely losers, and temporarily editing betslips via page source to lie about stakes and winnings.

The biggest Twitter account for it, @FootyAccums has just been caught at it. Them fuckers alone have raked in half a million quid this year doing it according to their published accounts. Ropey as fuck.

Bit niche?

you frantically messaging theo asking to delete your posting history?


I wish i’d earned half a million quid from City losing every week, pal!

so… people on twitter are offering betting advice and mugs are getting annoyed that they lose money following this advice?

We’re top of the league actually

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Not sure they qualify merely as mugs, think they’re more vulnerable than that. Not on imho.

Not quite that, no.

Isn’t this how it’s always worked with these Twitter and other sites? They take a percentage of losses from the people they get to sign up to various betting companies, and by the nature of accumulators etc, people are gonna lose in the long run and the bookies will be quids in. I guess the sinister bit comes in if they start actually posting/suggesting bets likely to lose…which they could easily do, but idk

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i for one am shocked that a page called Footyaccums isn’t 100% legit

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Some people seem to think Twitter accounts are more reliable than a guy on spice in Piccadilly Gardens hanging out of a phonebox with his pants down shouting his pound accy tips at you.



There’s a lot of kinda similar stuff that happens in a more mundane way as well, in that you get these stupid fan accounts who post all the super basic footy bantz stuff from an ‘Arsenal fan perspective’ or whatever, and get retweeted by all their super basic twitter mates who have 000’s of followers. The aim is to basically reach over a certain number of followers (say 50k), at which point you can start making money off betting companies by posting about your accumulators or whatever. Obviously, the more followers you have the more money you get for it.

Would be properly small fry stuff except these accounts’ followers will mostly be kids. You wonder what that generation’s relationship to gambling will be like when they grow up.

Yeah. From what i understand they were buying the data of people who’d requested exclusions from gambling sites, and the sites weren’t extending bans to users who signed up by these affiliates. Think they were also letting people sign up just by changing freemail addresses, etc.

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Was reading an article about this on Football365 that suggested it’s properly easy to edit screenshots to make it look like you’ve won and/or exaggerating the odds that are available on certain bets. And not just on a “I’m good at Photoshop” level, but literally just changing a bit of the source code. Suggests that loads of these accounts have been at it, was certainly how @FootyAccums got caught out.

Obviously all betting advertising/marketing in this country needs to be seriously looked at and restricted, but I find all the social media chummy banter shit (paddy power seem to be the worst, but they’re all at it) particularly nauseating.

Yeah I started following a few of these on twitter y’know. I never bet on football but, y’know, the odd tip here and there might tempt me. Soon realised there was something not quite right about them. And now I stay away from the whole business. Who’ve you got you’ve got TheSpainTrain, Bet Club, ThePuntersPage, a few others… I dunno which ones are legit or not.

One of them the other night was tweeting a few receipts of people who’s smashed thousands on France Luxembourg and saying “spare a thought for these poor lads”. I passed up the opportunity.

what do you mean legit? as in gives you consistently sound (yet free) betting advice?

Yeah or aren’t a twitter arm of a bookies, using the platform to a) tweet special offers/enhanced bets or b) doctoring receipts and the like.

I don’t care - like I say I don’t bet on football aside from the obligatory twice yearly bet on Man U Liverpool.

FOBT’s are horrendous. Quite an easy way to win money, but also ridiculously easy to lose loads. They exploit problem betters, no doubt about it. I’ve seen people put literally thousands of pounds into them. There are limits technically now, but people just move along the machines, and the staff are trained to turn a blind eye.

They should either impose serious limits on them - maybe compulsory registered cards and daily limits, and/or limit each shop to one, not four. Until a few years ago i think only one bookie was allowed within a square mile of another. I could walk to fifteen now, no exaggeration.

A good start would be some high profile Premier League clubs ditching official betting partners and shirt sponsors. It’s frighteneing how quickly it’s crept in. Most football fans now see it as part of the experience.

Put it all on red