Does anybody have that 2nd I am Kloot album

On cd that they’d be up for selling me? Can’t find the thing anywhere for a sane price :confused:

It’s an all time favourite of mine. I would burn the mp3s i downloaded of it as a teen but I don’t have a computer atm. Just want a hard copy for the car and general love.

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Thanks x

they re-released the first one for record store day a couple of years back so hoping that this will get another vinyl release on an upcoming one

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I do but it’s in the shed and it’ll take me an age to find it. Didn’t realise that album would be rare. It’s their best one!

yeah it’s their best by miles. insane its out of print. but then again the band have split i believe. its still available on spotify and to buy digital - so i guess its technically not totally out of print

I didn’t realise they’d split up. Dimishing returns for me after the first 2 albums but Googling this has alerted me to the fact yer man released a solo album in November which I missed so I’ll give that a go.

They’ve not done any shows since Guy Garvey’s Meltdown and the most recent album was a couple of years(ish) before that. I don’t know they’ve announced a formal split but it feels like they’ve drifted apart. The Sky at Night is a lovely album - that’s the Mercury nominee - but Natural History is the one I return to most.

Yeah Sky at Night was a return to form alright (still very unsure why they re-recorded Proof for it but hey ho) but the first 2 will always be the best. Natural History is superb. The frontman didn’t even own a guitar when they made that, did it all on borrowed gear.

That makes it even better…

i feel like whatever label they put out those first two albums on seems to be at fault for that. following the mercury stuff and decent sales/ radio 2 play of the last couple of albums there’s no reason those early records shouldn’t be easily available. prob why they redid Proof cos its such a tune

don’t think they have split
they played in Bristol in 2016 & mr Bramwell has always done a load of solo gigs (which are uniformly great & different, though support is pretty much always the same guy)
this current solo album is just a result of that - he’s done one before & a live one

Think they have.

from that

"In November 2017, Bramwell revealed that the band had split up, stating that “There was no heavy break-up or anything. I just wanted to do something else. I’ll never say never to getting back together but I was in I Am Kloot most of my adult life, but just as you can go to a great place on holiday year after year, sooner or later you want to go to somewhere else”

sad face

I guess this accounts for how the record got ‘lost’. Released under a big label’s failed experiment & then moved from pillar to post since the plug was pulled:

In 2005, The Echo Label recorded a loss of over £2.0 million. The decision was taken to restructure the business at the beginning of the 2006 financial year, into an “incubator” for developing writer-artists with the intention of “upstreaming” them to a major label. The signings which resulted from this included Bat for Lashes, Steven Lindsay, Rosalie Deighton, Jacob Golden, Sarabeth Tucek and Forever Like Red. They would continue to release records for their established artists Feeder and Morcheeba. However, in a Chrysalis Group report dated 15 August 2008, it was stated that The Echo Label had performed below management’s expectations and had not upstreamed any artists in this period, other than Bat For Lashes, who were transferred to Parlophone in early 2007.

In May 2013, Sony Music Entertainment purchased the distribution rights to Echo material and was re-issued in July under the label. Although Echo still exists as a trading brand name for Chrysalis, as an entity the label no longer operates in which all its employees departed by the end of 2008. In March 2017, Sony’s distribution rights expired, and BMG Rights Management (which acquired the Chrysalis Music publisher in 2010) transferred the distribution to Warner Music Group’s Alternative Distribution Alliance division.

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I got a Promo CD copy of it on discogs for a couple of quid a few days ago. Try there.