Does anybody remember going to Way Out West at Brentford Football Club?

I’d love to hear your recollections if so.

Griffin Park hosted a club night called Way Out West, on what I think was a Wednesday night, from about 2005 to 2008, in the social club. Plenty of acts of the era had a start there in a cramped room. It may have even been an underage night as well.

With the ground itself most likely have hosted its last ever football game, I thought it’d be good to pick up its other influence on London. A beautiful ground in the most ugly ways.

I’m collating all this for an article, so please message me if you’re keen to share some stories. I’m sure someone here saw Cajun Dance Party for 5 pounds and still remembers it…

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Moved to the area after that, so no unfortunately. Sounds great though, so would love to read about it.

Did Kurupt FM get their start there? :wink:


I think I saw Johnny Foreigner there (hard as it is to believe, I think they’re good!)

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