Does anyone care about Mark McGuire any more? [free London gig]

I still like him but obv it’s well hard to keep up with all his bloody Bandcamp releases.


I care, but I don’t think he’ll ever top ‘Living With Yourself’. I’m mainly just focussing on his main releases these days than all the bandcamp stuff, and I didn’t think ‘Beyond Belief’ was his strongest work.

New album soon though, and there’s a track up here which is decent:

Tempted to head up to this gig, I saw him there in 2011 when he was touring ‘Get Lost’ and it was very good.

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Think I’m on holiday then. Just gonna use it as an excuse to post this though.

I was tracking this on songkick whilst trying to decide whether to go or not. Didn’t realise it was free! Decision made.

I haven’t kept up on all his releases, but looking forward to this.

Fucking hell, Tiny Mixtapes is an obnoxious website!
Thanks for the link though—was unaware he had a record out. Glad it’s on VDSQ, too, seems like it’ll be more in the vein of the McGuire stuff I love (arpeggios into infinity, clean beautiful tones) than the stuff I’m less keen on (his New Agey stuff, basically).

Understatement of the year

I can’t express in words how obnoxious it is in English

Both new albums are up on Spotify now. ‘Ideas of Beginnings’ sounds like the better of the two, and it got a decent review on thee-old-super-tastemaker-kings-and-queens Pitchfork last week too: Mark McGuire: Ideas of Beginnings Album Review | Pitchfork


ooo I will be going to this